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I’m Judy and I love to knit.

I also love to sew, quilt, cross-stitch, needlepoint and do a whole lot of other creative activities.


My love for creativity is only dampened by the fact that there are only so many hours in a day, several of which I have to work. As a small business owner, my work doesn’t finish when the store closes  At the end of any day, it takes a whole lot of motivation to pick up a project to work on.


I started Social Saturdays at Judy’s Designs as a way to carve out a scheduled chunk of time to consistently work on those creative projects that mystically call out to me between the verses of the songs on the radio… “Judy, knit me! You know you want to!” My hope was that others would choose to join me with projects of their own.


So here’s the scoop.

Saturday mornings we call ourselves the “Sock-it-to-me Stitchers Circle” and we work on socks and gloves (this includes slippers, gauntlets, wrist-warmers and mittens). The idea is that mornings are for hands and feet. We meet at 10:30(ish) and most mornings I actually manage to have the coffee made by the time we sit down to get started. We finish up at noon.




At 1:00 pm it’s the “Anything Goes Stitching Circle”. Now, before you get too excited, that just means that you can work on any portable stitching project. Felting, embroidery, applique, knitting, crochet, mending (we’ll let you)…. you get the idea. If it’s a form of fibre arts, and you can carry it with you, it’s allowed. We continue our shenanigans until 3:00 pm officially, but hey, the store doesn’t close until 3:30, so meh, 3:20 is okay too.


There is one rule

and I apologize (though not really) to anyone who might find this offensive:

If you are perfect, we get to smack you.

Since we have been active, we are pleased to report that not one person has been smacked.


You are not limited to using materials purchased at my store. Feel free to use your stash up. After all, you will be surrounded by gorgeous yarns while you are hanging out in the store and it’s a pretty safe bet that from time to time, you’ll be inspired enough by one of those to want to use them… and when you do, I’ll be happy to ring in the sale.


Hope we see you soon.


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